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Our Selected Best Buys

Here at Sack Trucks 4 Sale, we have sorted through our catalogue of Sack Trucks to pick out what we think are the best buys, for you! And here they are:

Pneumatic Wheel Sack Truck 300kg
Pneumatic Wheel Sack Truck 300kg

Pneumatic wheels ensure it can be used on rough terrain.

Rounded and P Handle Sack Truck 200kg
Rounded and P Handle Sack Truck 200kg

P shaped handle sack truck with additional rounded handle.

Heavy Duty With Fixed and Folding Toe 250kg
Heavy Duty With Fixed and Folding Toe 250kg

Extendable heavy duty sack truck with both folding and fixed toe.

Duo Sack Truck 150kg
Duo Sack Truck 150kg

Simply change the format to suit the task in hand, Pull along handle folds neatly away when in the upright position.

Heavy Duty Stair Climber Truck 250kg
Heavy Duty Stair Climber Truck 250kg

Durable heavy duty industrial stair climbing sack truck.



Sack trolleys or sack trucks as they are more commonly known, are a vital piece of equipment for the workplace or home. On occasions, tools and equipment can be too heavy to transport by hand. A sack truck can help move heavy or awkward shaped goods with ease, saving you time and significantly reducing the likelihood of injury from manually handling.

There are many different types of sack trucks. Folding sack trucks which are easier to store or transport to a different location. Lightweight sack trucks made from aluminium rather than the traditional steel. Stair climbing sack trucks for use at multi level premises, making transporting goods up and down stairs simple. P handle sack trucks which allow one hand operation to enable the user to open doors. Plus garden trucks that take the effort out of gardening, with no lifting involved, it makes it much easier to use than wheelbarrow.

When choosing a sack truck ensure the goods you intend to transport are below the sack truck maximum weight limit. The shape of the goods should also be taken into account. If they are large or unusually shaped, you may require a large or extending toe plate sack truck. Whatever your requirements, Sack Trucks 4 Sale will have the sack truck for you. With free UK mainland delivery, widest range of sack trucks and price promise, we are the number 1 choice. If you require further information or would prefer to purchase over the phone please call us on 0845 505 3000. We will be more than happy to help. All prices include Vat.